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The Great iOS Composition

An email I got from my 8 year old after composing it based on the suggested words that iOS served up on the iPhone.  I didn’t know he had done this so imagine my surprise when I got the mail.  Well I’ll just say I was like “What the hell?”

It would make for some good ideas for various storylines.

I don’t think that you are the only thing that would make my own house in the subway system. I don’t think that it was the best thing when you jumped off of the tallest building in the world and saved superman. The only thing that will cheer me up is if you don’t eat cows that call the federal government.  Sometimes I just feel like calling 911 just as much as you love eating cows.

Before Its Gone

I had the amazing opportunity to visit the Apple Campus this past weekend. It was an amazing experience to see where the products I enjoy so much are created and designed.

I even got to walk around a bit, visit the cafeteria and enjoy some gelato while sitting outside just steps from where Coldplay performed their tribute performance after the passing of Steve Jobs.

I was surrounded by history even though I think it was somewhat lost on the employees scurrying around. The most significant thought I had was on the way back east at the end of the day. In a matter of a couple of years, it would all be somewhat overshadowed by the new “Mothership” Campus currently being constructed a couple of miles away.

At leas I can now say I visited the original dream factory.